Our Friends & Collaborators

We value and encourage team work and collaboration at Common Ground.  Not only does it make our space more creative, interesting and unique, let’s face it, life is more rewarding when you work as a team. Here’s a list of the great people who have contributed to making Common Ground the place it is today

Mike Stephens, who project managed the refurbishment of the space, designing the counter,  tables and light fittings. Mike can be reached on 07530 809091 for commissions and enquiries.

Celine Weber. Celine sourced and looks after all the indoor and outdoor plants. See @creativemoss or reach her on celineweber72@gmail.com 

Isa Farfan, menu and A-board design and murals. Find Isa @farfaning or isafarfan.me

Josh Harris- aka theaboarddude- graphic design & murals. See theaboarddude.co.uk  or @theaboarddude

Barefaced Studios, logo & graphic design, see barefacedstudios.com for more

Sam Worthington- Waspelder- murals: www.waspelder.com

Sabina Rai, one time chef at Common Ground but also murals & graphic design, see her work at @beejanerai

Alice Acreman, textile designer and mural artist, see aliceacremansilks.com  or @alice_acreman_silks

Ben Chernett, website design- benchernett.com

Kyle Ross, SEO Optimisation- oribidigital.co.uk